Nowadays there is an increasing concern with appearance and aesthetics, with smiles being one of the first forms of communication.

Aesthetic dentistry is the area of dentistry that deals with the aesthetics of this same smile.

Nowadays, there are countless ultra-conservative techniques to improve the appearance of your teeth. From the direct application of a composite resin (paste), to the bonding of thin ceramic facets (covers) with minimal wear on the dental structure, external tooth whitening, internal whitening of devitalized teeth, among others. These treatments are used to repair fractured teeth, with diastemas (spaces between teeth), color changes and caries lesions.

What are dental facets?

These are thin customized veneers, which adhere to the front face of the tooth and allow the smile to be altered in a natural way by aesthetically correcting the shape, size and colour of the tooth. Other advantages are the correction of diastemas, stains and wear on the tooth enamel and small cracks in the tooth.

The treatment with dental facets is a not very invasive procedure and can be applied on a single tooth or on the entire dental arch.

Are all the facets the same?

No. There are two kinds of facets:

the feldspatic (porcelain) facets and the ceramic facets.

The feldspathic facets present a greater translucency, giving an appearance very similar to natural teeth, while the ceramic facets, besides presenting an excellent aesthetics due to their more glassy appearance, are also more resistant.

How much is the treatment with dental facets contraindicated?

The clinical cases in which this treatment is contraindicated are:

  • cases of dental bad occlusion, for example when the upper arch teeth do not touch the lower teeth;
  • when there is dental crowding;
  • when parafunctional habits such as bruxism are present.

How long do the dental facets last?

The average durability of dental facets is 10 years, depending on the hygienic and alimentary care of the patient, as well as on regular maintenance visits.