The techniques of facial rejuvenation are aesthetic treatments that allow to prevent or treat the facial aging, it´s that characterized by loss of skin elasticity, loss of fat and muscle causing flaccidity, expression lines and wrinkles.


Lip filling can be done to restore volume and definition lost with age or simply to shape and increase its size giving more balance to the face. A natural result is sought in harmony with the patient’s face, corresponding to his or her ideals and expectations. For this, it will always be important to evaluate in consultation how far we can advance without compromising the beauty and function of the lips.


CLINICAL CASE #1 – Lip Filling for volume increase and face harmonization.

A clinical case of Dr. Mariana Sacramento.



The colloquially known as “puppet lines” is a reality that bothers many patients because they look tired and sad. The muscles of the face lose their tonicity and fall over the mouth, creating a fold around the mouth with a modification of the profile and decrease in the height of the face.

To be able to respond to this aesthetic need it is important to evaluate the patient’s face and the degree of these lines. The most important previous step is to understand which factors have potentiated the appearance of these grooves and whether they are really responsible for the aspect of fatigue or aging of the face.

For this type of treatment we use hyaluronic acid filling, a 100% natural and biologically present product in our body in different proportions and consistencies, returning to the face its original luminosity, volume and vitality.


CLINICAL CASE #2 – Treatment of nasogenic lines with restoration of the height nose-axis and definition and projection of the lip.

A clinical case of Dr. Mariana Sacramento.


The expression wrinkles that time leaves imprinted on the face can today be alleviated painlessly and effectively, ensuring a tender and healthy appearance for the skin.

The treatment of wrinkles will depend on the type of wrinkle the patient has and can have two approaches:

The temporary numbness of the muscle with the application of botulinum toxin, or the filling of the wrinkle itself.
The decision should always be consulted with the doctor who will evaluate on a case-by-case basis, and in agreement with the patient, the result to be obtained.

Both women and men may come across small expression wrinkles that over the years turn into permanent markings on the forehead or eye contour. Being able to return firmness to these areas of the face not only restores youthfulness to the expression, but also gives the patient confidence in his daily life

"Not everything that is wrinkled needs "botox" and not every application of botox causes an artificial appearance."


The dark circles under the eyes are characterized by the presence of a dark tint (brown or purple). They may be occasional, due to tiredness, stress or poor nutrition, or genetic-morphological.

It is in the latter case that aesthetic medicine can help to improve the tired and downcast air that this aspect leaves.

When the patient has tried all the alternatives present in the cosmetic market and the creams do not solve, or the make-up can only hide the scent no matter how many times it is retouched throughout the day, it is once again thanks to hyaluronic acid that we will be able to treat this very sensitive area.

The treatment is done with topical anesthesia and in a consultation we can fill in the groove of the scent and decrease the intensity of color of the scent, giving the look a light aspect and with the light that deserves to have.


Over time we lose both our natural fat and bone mass, which causes the average face to fall and translates into a tired or sad look. The cheeks are also filled with hyaluronic acid – of higher density – which supports the tissues and restores the proportions of the face.


CLINICAL CASE #4 – Filling of the middle third of the face with cheek augmentation.

A clinical case of Dr. Mariana Sacramento.



It’s not just the loss of volume we can treat with hyaluronic acid.

The strategic injection of certain scientifically modified hyaluronic acids can trigger the stimulation of collagen in the skin providing it with greater firmness and elasticity.

These treatments work very well both in conjunction with the facial fillers described above and in their exclusive use.

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