What is the cost of the dental consultation?

The cost of the dental consultation depends of the type of treatment and the type of complementary diagnostic test required for the procedure.

How much does an emergency appointment cost?

The cost of the emergency consultation depends on the type of intervention treatment.

What is the cost of the dental consultation by my insurance?

All insurance plans have yours cost table. Many tables can be customized to the type of contract between the customer and the insurance company. This is information that our clinic does not have previously.

When you pay for the dental procedure, your insurance’s digital platform is consulted and that’s when we know the cost to be paid.

Note: The table of cost ​​can be requested by the customer to your insurance company.

have parking near the clinic?

Our clinic has a protocol with Praça In Chile parking, we offer an hour voucher after payment of the consultation.

How is the first dental consultation?

If you have an associated pain or complain, pre-screening will be carried out and the patient will be referred to the dental specialty indicated.

For evaluation or treatment plan will be observed by Dr. Sara Correia or the clinical staff and if necessary forwarded to the different specialties.

can you give me a treatment budget at the first dental appointment?

Yes. In the simplest treatment plans we will can to deliver on the same day, when the treatment plan needs to be discussed with the team, the budget will be delivered later, by email or in person.