The clinic provides a radiology room that allows the following complementary diagnostic examinations: Digital Orthopantomography and Digital Profile and Frontal Teleradiography, thus helping the clinical examination for a correct diagnosis and accurate planning of treatments to be performed.


Orthopantomography is an imaging examination that offers a panoramic view of the upper and lower jaw, all teeth and joints between the jaw and skull. It is a complementary and fundamental diagnostic examination in dentistry, allowing to evaluate, for example: missing teeth, the state of dental eruption, determine the patient’s age and the existence of dental anomalies.

Profile and frontal teleradiography

These imaging examinations and their cephalometry (orthodontic study) are valuable elements in the execution of treatment plans in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, since they indicate the increase or decrease in vertical facial dimensions, maxillary and mandibular dimensions, and development and positioning anomalies.

The clinic also has a protocol for its patients with a radiology center in downtown Lisbon to perform CBCT, a computed tomography technique often essential in more complex treatment plans in the areas of Oral Surgery and Implantology.

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